Tuesday, October 7, 2014

what you missed on Tuesday--Campbell Mountain cliffs.

Four of us went up the 1.5 miles onto the cliffs of Campbell Mtn, just north (and up) of Creede.  The views are worth the easy, slightly puffy, climb and the walk on a rocky but clear trail (simple on the return).
Lichens were trailside in several interesting colors.  One of the area's large displays of living and dead bristle-cone pines formed a guiding tunnel most of the way. Their spiral grain intrigued us.
This is the final Tuesday hike for October.  Judy and I will be doing Old Spanish Trail work (and play) in other states.  [If you're curious about our book "Characters of the Old Spanish Trail," Google sylvantrailbooks.com.
We'll be selling it in Nevada, Utah, and other places during our travels and meetings.]
Dennis has a Thursday hike coming up.  Wayne has planned a valley hike for Monday, where the hunters will be scarce--you may still wear orange.  Departure--9 a.m. at the Visitor Center in South Fork
Studying gray, black, and dark gray lichens


One of the cliffs over Creede.


a spiralling stump of Pinus aristata (bristlecone pine) lived and died among the rocks.


Looking down into East Willow Creek and the northern-most of the La Garita Mountain range


Finding the 3-foot wide trail was easier than it appears.


How many colors of lichens can there be?  The vivid neon green got the most attention.


Young bristlecone.


Engelmann spruce cone


Bristle-cone face, lying down

I'm sending another few photos of this photogenic destination.

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