Saturday, October 4, 2014

Shady Creek

We started out at an elevation of just over 11,000 feet.  We went DOWN the Shady Cr. trail for a little over 2 miles to a high knoll to take in the splendor of the aspen leaves.  This was one of only a few hikes we were hiking in mud;  not very often does that happen.  To compensate we went off trail a little ways.  We went through a lovely aspen grove for about a quarter of a mile before reaching the knoll.  We ate our lunch on the knoll and then decided to take off and pick up the Castle Rock trail about a mile to the north across a couple of drainages.


We picked up some game trails for most of the way over, Barry's GPS showed an ancient road in the bottom of the second drainage and sure enough we found traces of it.  We followed the old road for a ways up the drainage until Barry told us his GPS showed the Castle Rock trail only 400 feet away from us.  So we followed the GPS and there it was!  What will they think of next?


Barry brought his petrified wood specimens along to the VC to show the folks, also found out the rock I thought may be copper is actually a piece of Jasper.


Since we started at a much higher altitude than our lunch spot, this a a tough hike but everybody made it out OK.  Coming up the Castle Rock trail is easier than coming up the Shady Cr. trail.


Come out Monday for a nice hike with Wayne & Linda, wear your orange..........




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