Monday, October 13, 2014

Penitente hike 10-13-14

In honor of Columbus Day, Barbara led us to a destination that some had never been to, some had been there and thought they could find it again and some that had electronic assistance to keep all of us on track...........Thank Goodness!

We did find the Keyhole Rock after some discussion as to its location, but we kept to the trail (even though I thought it was the wrong one) until we reached a junction that I recalled.  From there on it was only a matter of looking for the right cairns we had set up the last time we came out.  The area is a maze of trails and don't all the canyons look the same after awhile?

Upon reaching the Keyhole rock we enjoyed our lunch and came back out past the Wagon Tracks and down the canyon (the right one) to the vehicles.

A beautiful day for a hike, good fellowship, great scenery and good exercise.

I won't be hiking anymore on Thursdays, if we get enough snow I will switch to snowshoes and Barbara & Lloyd will send out info regarding the Tuesday and Monday hikes..




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