Monday, March 24, 2014

Elephant Rocks --#2

Early Spring led us back to Elephant Rocks for our second week and a new route.  Two more to go plus English Valley will come after next week's look at the Old Spanish Trail and Limekiln area.  Next Monday, meet at the South Fork Visitor Center before 10 a.m.
All are welcome.  These are gentle walks, mostly on trails/backcountry roads; some on open hillsides and plenty of opportunities to explore.   We've been seeing places seldom visited in the summer.  We've met some interesting people.  Come and bring your imagination and tone up your breathing and muscles.  It's a South Fork preventive medical program.  And we don't charge you a thing except having to put up with a bunch of young and old folks who enjoy nature and getting out on the land.
--Doug Knudson
Rocky greeter-- a peculiar face in this rock


See why they're called Elephant Rocks?


Bennett Peak from Elephant Rocks


A dozen wandered among the rocks


Elephant rocks--turn-around spot


Rich display of lichens


Lunch room


Lunch at a windbreak


Big country nice rocks


Elephant Rocks and distant Sangres


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