Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Boulder Field Hike

Monday morning dawned sunny and almost warm.  Snowshoe people often think of this as "too bad!" but we found snow and solace near town with some snow half-way up to our knees.  The eight who mushed a little over two miles did not complain when the cars were in sight.
  This is one of the serene strolling places near South Fork.  It features four species of conifers plus aspen and shrubs, as well as big rocks that have tumbled down a high slope, perhaps to give us geology lessons.
Next Monday will probably take us up to the ski area for a snowshoe walk in the woods (on a trail or among the trees). If all is bare, we'll hike without snowshoes at a lower elevation.  Come with flexibility. Leave the Visitor Center at 10 a.m.
(By the way, the skiing this Tuesday morning was wonderful--it was good to see so many of this group there.)
--Doug Knudson 
Boulder field trampers


nice snow among the trees


Happy  to see us?


Peaceful boulder field


3-D Image


recent? additions to boulder collection.


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