Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sentinel Mountain

Twenty people hiked 3 miles each at the northern end of Sentinel Mountain.  The "local" logging road is in the Rio Grande National Forest, right near home.  The day started with energetic snowfall, but the sun came out as soon as we put our snowshoes on.  We were as stealthy as 20 folks with snowshoes and poles can be, but we saw no elk, deer, turkeys, pumas, or coyotes--all known denizens of this area. 
Next Monday, we'll leave the parking lot of the S.F. Visitor Center for another venture into the forest at 10 a.m. (we were punctual on this Monday!).  Bring your snowshoes (or call me for an extra pair 873-5239).  No charge and you're on your own responsibility.
--Doug Knudson
[I'm sending you a separate set of a few pictures from our Costa Rica visit in late January.]
Down by the Railroad track


Up a little hill


Out across the clearing


By a rock in the shade for a rest


Then loop back East 


with a happy smile


and a slip-off shoe.


Back at the starting point.


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