Monday, February 24, 2014

Ivy-Lime trail hike

Something called the Ivy-Lime winter trail took us through 2-feet (on the level) of snow at about 9300 feet elevation, south of Creede. George promised us snow and he had it all ready, along with nice views of many mountains around us, including Bristol Head.  Thanks to the 18 hikers--16 of them from South Fork--jolly good company. We'll see Dr. Mike again in warmer times--thanks for joining us for two weeks.
Special Activity on Wednesday--Snow caving.
  Dennis Shepherd and a few friends will instruct us in emergency snow cave construction, up on Wolf Creek Pass.  This is a valuable survival technique in case of being caught in blizzard  or other disabling conditions.  You may have heard about several families this winter who have survived because they knew how to make and use snow caves. 
  Dennis suggests that  you bring 1) snowshoes, gloves, and the equipment you normally wear or carry, 2) snow pants (waterproof or nearly so), 3) snack(s), and a willingness to work.  If you wish to, bring some extra clothing and emergency equipment, but we're thinking of emphasizing a normal, snowy outing and what you would due under those conditions.
  We will meet at the South Fork Visitor Center by 10 a.m., then carpool to near some deep snow, hike a ways, and pretend we're needing protection for one reason or another. We will probably be done by 2 p.m.  That may have allowed some of us to be snug in a little snow cave for a while.  Please come expecting to participate.
We will hike or snowshoe again next Monday, leaving the S.F. Visitor Center at 10 a.m. Come prepared for both walking in the snow or walking on dry ground, as conditions warrant.  (Did I hear someone this morning predicting snow for this week?) 
--Doug Knudson
View from Ivy-Lime Trail


Well-regimented troops 


Everybody's still with us?


No snow on S-facing slopes; 2' on N-facing.


Our Sherpa Guide


Bristol Head


18 people; one track


Dr. Mike fixes Penny's electronics


16 of the 18


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