Monday, February 3, 2014

FSR 360

Ten stalwarts showed up on this beautiful day to walk on the new snow.  As on every Monday at 10 a.m., we left the visitor center in South Fork and spent about 3 hours in the Rio Grande National Forest.  As Foto ! shows, you can even enjoy it while wearing shorts. 
One lady rolled in the snow and made such a beautiful snow angel that my camera refused to function--it must have been something ethereal!  It may still be up there, beside a little road where new snow will touch it tonight and tomorrow.
You are welcome to walk here any time--it's our national forest.  You'll have free company and comradeship on Monday mornings.  Come and participate.  More information?  Call 719-873-5239.
--Doug Knudson    (just back from Costa Rica with Judy--we'll
have some pictures for you soon.)
"UP a short hill"


What goes up will eventually go down!


The scenery is beautiful and sylvan--with no fumes.


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