Monday, February 17, 2014

Bear Creek

February 16, 2014, was a warm non-snowy day in South Fork.  So we left the snowshoes behind and just walked up a hill and back down the other side--a mere 2.4 miles that seemed to some to be too rocky or too steep and to others too snowy. But to all it was a wonderful place to get a different perspective on South Fork and Del Norte Peak.
We even found our former postmaster, Ted Sandoval; catch up with us near the top of the hill, he caught up with us.  He has been on virtually every high hill around South Fork and many beyond.  Retirement has apparently energized him, even more than before!
Next Monday, our hikers from Creede--George and Mike and Connie--will show us a special place South of town, behind Snowshoe Mountain.  Mr. Ameel promises us good snow and says we should bring our snowshoes for sure. 
Please note:  Let's meet at 9:30 at the S. F. Visitor Center next Monday morning. However, if you live in the Creede area or miss us in South Fork, we will join you on the Main Street near the Creede Repertory Theatre (the older, upper one) at 10:00 a.m.  From there, we'll car pool to the turn-off (left) at the bridge 7 miles West of Creede. (Real late-comers can meet us there.) From there, we'll continue the car-pool around the mountain to Spar City area and beyond to the starting point.  (You might not make it to a 2:00 p.m. appointment after the hike.)  Come and see whether it's as beautiful as George claims it is.
Questions?  873-5239  Doug Knudson
We started and ended with counts of 16 hikers, here moving sprightly on an uphill trek.


South Fork from a hill NE of town


Considering the options


Young and ancient Piñon pines


We found various techniques for going downhill--all of them graceful.


See?  That wasn't so tough!


A warm mid-February day on the E slope


This hill, on the western rim of Bear Creek valley, didn't look "insane" after we got down.


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