Thursday, October 17, 2013

Limekiln hike

We had a lovely day for an invigorating hike, touring 3 kilns and traversing several canyons and arroyos.  The markings on the Ponderosa have all the earmarks of an Indian "medicine tree", it was WAY off the beaten path and in a secluded spot.
It was cool to start out but the jackets came off quickly, the sun really warmed us up.  Amazing how warm 40 degrees can be!  The rock formations in this area are similar to the ones in the Penitente canyon area and just about as confusing.  The weathering effects on the rocks create some unique and unusual figures, sort of like "cloud watching" when it comes to figuring out what they may represent..............
Wayne will be leading a hike Monday, come on out and join us in some great fun and exercise........

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