Thursday, September 5, 2013

Trout Creek Hike Photos

Seven healthy, strong hikers, going at a reasonably steady rate.  About 8 miles of pleasant up and down walking.  Midway snack and turn-around was the grassy area along Trout Creek.  Beautiful rock formations.
This was a fine day to stroll through beautiful country.  We saw only one small burned area, far away on top of a hill.  One of our close-to-home trails, this one deserves your attention with company.
We're still hiking Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday departing the South Fork Visitor Center at 9 a.m.  All are welcome; recommend >10 year of age; no charge; bring snack, water, boots, and a poncho.  Orange or other highly visible colors recommended in the next 2 months.


a huge, golfball-like mushroom--a little bit too ripe for Ashley to take home


startlingly white


Trout Creek cliffs

rest and snack by Trout Creek


Trout Creek




Lovely yellow


Looking perky at the end of the hike


Welcome back from Canada to Ozzie and Eve


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