Monday, September 9, 2013

Middle Alder Creek Hike

15 hikers trekked up Middle Alder Creek trail for 3+ miles. The little creek dropped noisily down the rocks, often hidden by the vegetation on its banks.  Plants are working on reproduction--spiral on seeds of Mountain Mahogany, "hips" on several kinds of roses, and cones on limber and ponderosa pines.  A beautiful day on a little-known, quiet trail (no ATVs)!  Thanks to the Moulds for their efforts in checking out the trail on Sunday.
Burdelle announced her coming departure to suffer in Texas for the season--we hope to see you again soon.  Remember, snow is pure and beautiful here--we welcome fall and winter visitors.
Scheduled for Tuesday is a walk up Bennett Peak again.  If you missed it the first time, prepare for alpine plants and 3 miles of thin air (13,200+) and some of the grandest views of our whole valley.  If rain threatens up top, Wayne will still lead a hike at a lower location.
Then on Thursday, Dennis will have another adventuresome hike.  Both start at 9 a.m. at the South Fork Visitor Center.  It is advisable to wear orange starting next week.
--Doug Knudson
15 hikers went up Alder Cr.


Mtn Mahogany seeds and plumes


Mountain Mahogany seeds awaiting the wind


Rose hips


Rose bushes--acme of repro cycle


White fir 


Mayebelle  and trail blaze on tree


Mid Alder Cr 




Foliose, squamulose, and crustose lichens--


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