Monday, September 30, 2013


A perfect autumn day with green, yellow, and a few orange aspen--an enchanted forest and a 5-mile walk relaxed every one.
The place--a trail off of a forest road, south of Shaw Mesa and east of Del Norte Peak.
It was the last day for Larry Brannon; we hope he'll be back next summer. All the rest were year-rounders.
Tuesday hike will be led by Wayne Moulds--thanks for filling in so I can attend a memorial service for a fine lady of our community.
I'll lead the Thursday hike while Dennis entertains company from Kansas.  (Note to Dennis--my other appointment is now on Wednesday).
We'll be adjusting the schedule for Fall and Winter within a few more weeks.  Your suggestions are welcome.  Hunting season is started; as it gets more intense, we may find it wise to make temporary adjustments.
--Doug Knudson  873-5239
Eleven walked and talked...


through green and golden glades.


If leaves could tell their tales!


Sometimes in sunshine


Sometimes with views


We rested beneath the great Del Norte Peak


4-log high walls  House of J&J--and a few others

 Big Mushrooms, ready to spread spores


A great day…another one!


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