Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Contribution - Bonito to Silver Passes

It was a beautiful day for hiking up high.
There they are, at Bonita Pass, standing in a marsh looking at blue flowers.
The moon was pointed out to me and was easily captured between trees.  At home on my computer, I could spot some craters so I cropped the photo so that you might see them also.
See them?
Our tour leader giving one of his illuminating explanations, to what I do not know as I was last and just came up on the end of this conversation.
The lovely South San Juan's and I am told the mountain on the left is Montezuma (spelled right?).
Ah, the wonders of telephoto lenses.  This peak is a mere blip in the above photo of the South San Juan's.
Just before "lunch", a wondrous view looking south.
The lunch stop, but first taking in the view.
George, Peter and I taking up the rear.
You can see the faster ones up ahead.  Thoughtfully they would wait occasionally for us, or me.
I did not get a photo of the bull elk, as he did not wait for me.  However, this colorful mushroom patiently awaited my presence.  Deadly to eat, I am told.
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