Tuesday, July 30, 2013

12 CDT --Bonito to Silver Passes

An even dozen hiked the high and beautiful Continental Divide Trail on Tuesday. The hikers moved right along, apparently with ease.
After a long drought, the flowers have burst forth with apparent joy following our recent rains--except for only one lonely columbine.  We saw two young elk resting on the trail (the only level place around) and a rather dignified and agile mature bull.
It was good to see Bob back from Denmark and with several companions.  He has a new book of Creede photos--then and now.  It's available in most of Creede's stores.
Coming up--
1. Dennis will lead you on a search for edible mushrooms.  Bring a bag, a friend, a snack, and an eye or two for mushrooms.  9 a.m. Thursday morning.
2. Next Monday--Wayne has an easy one in mind--you'll  cross a stream a couple of times to cool your bunions.  9 a.m. Monday morning.
3. Next Tuesday--a high altitude hike that will build your stamina and breathing apparatus (natural).  9 a.m. departure from the South Fork Visitor Center.
4. As August comes upon us, we will have an opportunity to climb a 14,000+' peak.  We'll be going with people who have conditioned themselves to make it to the top. Last year's experience on Mt. Elbert allowed each person to go at his/her own rate, once we had the peak in view and on the way down.  We will not be pausing for gasping people who haven't been preparing.  We don't recommend that recent arrivals try the 14ers.  We're not equipped to handle over-stressed people (our personal stress levels are high enough).
The timing is dependent upon the weather.  We're taking nominations; two are Uncompahgre Peak and San Luis Peak. Another is Redcloud Peak.  If you are going and want to suggest a target peak, just let me know by e-mail or in person.
--Doug Knudson   873-5239
Elephantela at Bonito Pass


Marilyn emphasizes the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail


Tiny creeks start on the Divide


South San Juan Peaks


False dandelion


On top of things


paintbrush at altitude

Rocks on CDT near Silver Pass


Coming down out of the clouds


Bull elk on CDT


Sure-footed fellow on steep rocky slopes


Rosy Paintbrush on the rocks


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